Patricia T. Graves, MSW
Retired Psychotherapist
Certified Focusing Trainer
P.O. Box 725
York, ME 03909

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About Pat
     After thirty fulfilling years of practicing as a psychotherapist, I have retired (Effective September 1, 2016).  This was not an easy decision; since, I will deeply miss meeting with the fine people I have served who gave me the privilege of witnessing the spirit’s resiliency and the heart’s deep capacity for love.  I am recognizing, however, that the time has come to create room in my life for interests that I have not yet fully explored. 
If you are a former client of mine and need my assistance with a referral or acquiring clinical documentation, please feel free to contact me by using the "Contact Pat" section on this site or by sending a letter to Patricia Graves, P.O. Box 725, York, ME 03909.
If you have an urgent clinical need, please go to your nearest emergency room, contact 911 or if you live in Maine, please call Crisis Response Service at 888-568-1112.

Pat Graves
Clinical Social Worker
Retired Psychotherapist
Certified Focusing Trainer
What is Focusing?

*Focusing*, as conceptualized by Eugene Gendlin, is a gentle mind-body process that is helpful in easing disturbing feelings, facilitating decision-making, addressing interpersonal issues and moving beyond the "I-want-to-but- can't" feeling associated with  blocks to creativity.  It involves attending to the place inside the body where you experience an issue and acknowledging what comes to your awareness. When something that was formerly vague becomes clearer, there is release in the body and positive life changes often come about.

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